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EEUU. Native American Leaders Up Press to Sign U.N. Declaration

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WASHINGTON -- Native American leaders are pressuring the federal government to sign on to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Friday a group of them met with Obama Administration representatives at the U.S. State Department. Manuel Quinones reports from Washington.

The United States is one of only a handful of countries that voted against the UN Declaration back in 2007. The process of giving the issue another look under President Barack Obama has involved a series of meetings with Indian Country leaders.

KEBEC - “They’re not done and we need to keep the pressure on.”

Philomena Kebec with the Indian Law Resource Center spoke at the dialogue. She says the U.S. endorsing the Declaration would help Indian Country deal with crime and violence against women.

KEBEC - “It addresses issues of self determination and land rights, which are critical for us to strengthen our economies and our Native governments so that we can provide effective law enforcement and so there are judicial remedies for Native women when they are raped.”

Participants left the meeting without a clear picture of whether the U.S. would actually sign on to the Declaration. The Administration is combing through the document to see what concrete effects it could have.

ROWE-KURAK - “I believe that President Obama has done a lot to honor his commitment in supporting American Indian people but also Indigenous People.”

Janice Rowe-Kurak is Chairman of the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma and says her constituents back the UN Declaration.

ROWE-KURAK - “It supports us as a people. I t supports who we are. I feel like we have been denied for so long. It’s about time that at least one administration is taking notice and doing more to support Indigenous People.”

That’s why Kebec is urging folks in Indian Country and elsewhere to contact the White House and State Department to express their solidarity. She says the public comment period is still ongoing.

From Capitol News Connection, I’m Manuel Quinones, National Native News.


By: Manuel Quinones from Washington, DC on Oct 17, 2010


www.capitolnewsconnection.org 17/10/2010

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