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NORUEGA. 2nd Barents Indigenous Peoples' Congress Resolution and Action Plan 2013-2016



Indigenous peoples from the Barents Euro-Arctic Region adopted a resolution and a new Action Plan 2013-2016 at the 2nd Barents Indigenous Peoples' Congress on 10 February 2012. Nenets, Saami and Veps delegates met in Kirkenes last week, accompanied by UN Special Rapporteur on rights of indigenous peoples, Dr James Anaya, among others.

The Resolution and the Action Plan for Indigenous Peoples in the BEAR 2013-2016 were adopted by delegates from Yasavey - The Public Association of Nenets People in NAO, Vepsän kultursebr and Saami delegates from 4 countries, appointed by the Saami Parliamentary Council and Guelnegk Neark Sam Sobbar . The Working Group of Indigenous Peoples in the BEAR (WGIP) organised the congress, which is held every second year. Observers from RAIPON, Gáldu, Association of World Reindeer Herders and the Saami Council took part in the congress.

The English version of the resolution can be found here.


The English version of the Action Plan 2013-2016 can be found here.


Russian and North Saami versions will be published as soon as they are translated.

15-02-2012 Christina Henriksen




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