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AUSTRALIA. Indigenous Policy and Dialogue: New Relationships, New Possibilities 18-19 November 2010 University of New South Wales

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Australia’s colonial history has left us a challenging legacy, where contrasting worldviews continue to frame struggle and contestation between Indigenous people and the state.

Our philosophical and institutional frameworks are not suited to dealing with this legacy, and Indigenous policy remains problematic and contentious. As a consequence there is no process for reflection or re-examination of the relationship between Indigenous people and the Australian nation.

What might we now do to create a more just and reconciled society?

How might we create new opportunities to transform the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people?

What are the implications for policy making in this contested space?

Keynote speakers

Professor Joe Kalt, Ford Foundation Professor of International Political Economy in the Harvard Kennedy School and Co-Director of the Harvard Project on American Indian Economic Development

Professor Kiera Ladner, Canada Research Chair at the University of Manitoba

Professor Patrick Dodson, Founding Director of the Indigenous Policy and Dialogue Research Unit at UNSW.

The conference will be the first to be hosted by the recently established Indigenous Policy and Dialogue Research Unit (IPDRU) in the Social Policy Research Centre at UNSW. IPDRU, headed by Patrick Dodson as founding director and Professor of Indigenous Policy, is engaged in a nation building research agenda, developing new narratives, institutions, practices, philosophies and opportunities for a more just and inclusive Australia, where Indigenous rights and interests are at the centre of Australian nationhood and embedded in the institutional fabric of the country.



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