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The seismic gap between Constitución and Concepción in Chile. (El paper de 2009 que alertaba del terremoto)


"The Concepción–Constitución area [35–37◦S] in South Central Chile is very likely a mature seismic gap, since no large subduction earthquake has occurred there since 1835."


"It is possible that the northern part of the plate interface between Constitución and Concepción was affected bybthe earthquakes of 1851, 1928 and 1939, but it is unlikely that this was the case near the city of Concepción. We would then conclude that the southern part of the Concepción–Constitución gap has accumulated a slip deficit that is large enough to produce a very large earthquake of about Mw= 8.0–8.5. "

Ruegg, J.C., A. Rudloff, C. Vigny, R. Madariaga, J.B. de Chabalier, J. Campos, E. Kausel, S. Barrientos & D. Dimitrov. 2009.
Interseismic strain accumulation measured by GPS in the seismic gap between Constitución and Concepción in Chile. Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 175: 78-85.








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